General Privacy and Security Policy


Protecting personal data privacy is a priority for BAPA DREAMS and a clear commitment for us.

This policy concerns privacy practices within our core activities, including our games, portals, websites and other services managed by this company. All personal data you provide us during the interaction with any of our services will be treated with the necessary security and confidentiality measures legally required concerning personal data protection.

Portals and websites under BAPA DREAMS’ responsibility, concerning our available services, contain links for websites under a third party’s responsibility. BAPA DREAMS’ general privacy and security policy applies only and exclusively to websites and services under our responsibility. While accessing websites from other entities, even from our websites starting point, you should read their respective privacy policies.

Access and use of services, portals and websites, under BAPA DREAMS’ responsibility should be an act of freedom and will, assuming BAPA DREAMS that the user read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions for its use.

Any attempt to change, alter or any action that might endanger or put at risk the system’s integrity, is strictly forbidden according to the law. The user commits to a strict compliance of the law concerning the services and activities, namely in matters of technological criminality and intellectual property rights, being exclusively responsible for the infraction of the rules.



Person in Charge of Data Protection


BAPA DREAMS has designated a Person in Charge of Data Protection that can be contacted through the email





BAPA DREAMS respects your right to privacy. The data we inquire about are meant to ensure the best service providing to the services you’ve asked, and no data will be collected that are unnecessary or that you haven’t consent on.


Interaction with services, portals and websites of BAPA DREAMS doesn’t require any user information, except when, to the expressly identified purposes, the register is considered necessary and accordingly authorized by the u ser, on the following terms.



Responsible for Processing


BAPA DREAMS as responsible for data processing:

  • Will ensure the data processing is made within the scope for which the data was collected, or to compatible processes;
  • Will collect, use and keep only the necessary data for providing the service or product in question;
  • Will not proceed to the transmission of personal data for any Comercial or advertising services;
  • Will process personal data to the activities legally foreseen or to provide services on your request.





BAPA DREAMS has a subcontractor will be committed to the privacy and data processing agreements contracted with the entities responsible for data collection and processing.



Types of Personal Data Collected by BAPA DREAMS


The personal data collected and processed by BAPA DREAMS are different in nature in order to provide services, products and activities within its platforms or live.

Accordingly, to the services provided: IP address, name, age, fiscal identification number, home address, email address and mobile phone number. Always properly authorized by the use rand only when necessary to the providing of the desired service.



Personal Data Security


BAPA DREAMS, while providing its services or delivering its products, uses a set of technologies and security procedures, adequate to the protection of your personal data, protecting the access or disclosure, namely:

  • Physical measures, such as the access control of co-workers, employees and visitors present at the facilities;
  • Logical security measures, in what concerns system access and workstations, through identity management tools, authentication and privileges; in the net component, use of firewalls and intrusion detection, separating application environments, as well as ciphered information through secure communication channels.



Access and control of your Personal Data


We will ensure, on request, the access, correction and deletion of your personal data. You have the right to oppose to the processing of your personal data.

In cases where the use of your personal data was based on your consent, you have the right to remove it, without compromising the validation on the data processing made until that point.

Through our responsible for data protection ( you can ask:

  • Information on your data;
  • Information on processing;
  • The objective underlying the process;
  • Correction and updating of data;
  • Your data on open format;
  • The deletion of data, independently from the legislation applicable to the processing.



Personal Data Storage


Your personal data will be kept by BAPA DREAMS as long as it’s necessary for the processing, according to the purposes intended to.

Holding periods may alter when associated with public interest, historical, scientific or statistic motives, can justify it, while BAPA DREAMS is committed to ensure the necessary preservation and security measures.



Cookies and Similar Technologies


BAPA DREAMS uses cookies within its websites, as well as similar technologies that allow the improvement on performance, navigation or user experience, increasing on one side the quickness and effectiveness of response, on the other side by eliminating the need to frequently introduce the same information.

The use of cookies helps websites and applications to recognize the user’s device on a following visit, and its frequently a requirement.

BAPA DREAMS’ cookies will not gather personal information that would allow the identification of the user, keeping only generic information, namely the way and region of access, amongst others.

BAPA DREAMS’ cookies, in websites and games are the following:

  • Essentials – those required for navigation on the website and allowing access to private areas, such as session cookies, required to use the services;
  • Analytical – those necessary to the gathering of information for statistical analyses of the website or game use, namely, Google.
  • Social Networks – possibility of interaction with he social networks, namely:

– Facebook;

– Addthis;

– Twitter.

  • Performance – those required to the monitorization of the user’s use of the website or application, such as:

– Cloudflare;

– Plumbr.

The information generated by cookies can be sent to a third party for tendency analysis, navigation tracking or performance measures, without user identification.



How to control the use of Cookies?


Users can prevent the use of cookies in the navigator’s configuration settings. If this option is limited, however, the use of some resources or the performance of some tools might be conditioned.



Exoneration of Responsibility


BAPA DREAMS cannot be held accountable for any damage or bad result in terms of civil responsibility (including, but not limited to, emergent damage, loss of profit and moral damage, directly or indirectly), that come up in sequence of use, correct or incorrect, of our services, websites, content, product or activities made by the user, including the unauthorized access to the computer or the use of the system by a third person.


The disclosed information should be seen in its digital side.


Sites, services and games managed by BAPA DREAMS have contents and services made available by third parties, in charge of updating those components. As such, BAPA DREAMS cannot be held accountable concerning their content being updated and accurate.

Electronic websites and applications may contain connections and links to sites operated by third parties, on which BAPA DREAMS have no control over and is not accountable on any of those.

Reading this information, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read the legislation in place, approved officially and published in the regular editions and supports (namely Diário da República or the Official European Community Journal).



Changes to security and privacy policy


Present Terms and Conditions, that you should carefully read, can be altered and will take effect on publication date, with reference to that date.


Applicable Law and Courts


Present terms and conditions are written and should be interpreted accordingly to the Portuguese law. Court of Lisbon has competence for judging and rules all others, in the examination and solving of any conflict emerging from interpretation or application of any of these terms and conditions.



Last update on the privacy policy

16th of October 2019